Ports SectorSurvey vessel, Port of Umm QasrDredger working at Umm QasrPower SectorBurned transformerSubstation vandalized to recover copper for sale in nearby IranBridges & Roads SectorOur friends at the Ar Rutbah site (near Jordanian border)Ar Rutbah BridgeHighway 10 Overpass, near Ar Rutbah, Western IraqSpectacularly destroyed Al Fatah Railway BridgeNot war-damaged, just worn outA thoroughly toasted pipe bridge, near KirkukNow THAT's war damage (Al Mat Highway Bridge)Bridge bypass near Ar RutbahDowned Tikrit BridgeWould you cross? (Tikrit Bridge)Casual looting in Tikrit (manway cover)Worn-out Pontoon Bridge (pre-Gulf War I)Kharza Bridge, Northern IraqKharza Bridge knocked off its bearingsRail SectorRail Sector: elderly locomotive engineConcrete sleeper plant, near BaghdadBasrah-area track: decades of neglect, deprivation & warLooted equipment shed (disregard date)Schools SectorBasrah-area school before refurbishmentStripped schoolroom before refurbishmentSanitary facilities in need of refurbishmentAirports SectorDerelict Iragi Airways planes at "Saddam Int'l Airport"Saddam Int'l Airport sign before…… and afterBag corridor window damage"Delayed Indefinitely"Flight delays also expected at Basrah InternationalDestroyed airport radarWater & Sewer SectorInoperable process facilities (disregard date)Idle treatment facilityOverflowed sludge tankPipe damage at Khor Az ZubayrIllegal water tappingKids swimming in leak poolTappingTelecomms SectorMamoun (?) telecoms exchangeFormer telecoms exchange (another view)Aboard a C-130