From inside a HumveeImprovised explosive device or IED (an early model)Military litter, streets of BaghdadQuite a collection (from armory or weapons depot)And more…50mm round (don't know why it didn't go off when they burned it)Don't try this at home: That thing's live!Artillery rounds? Maybe Gulf War I or Iran-Iraq WarSomething old and nastyBLU-62 (antipersonnel, meant to maim and not kill)Unused, elderly rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs)That ain't no SCUDDon't know WHAT they had planned for this gizmoLeftover mortar shellsDefensive works in the desert. Never usedHalf a MiG "Buddy, what happened to the rest of your airplane?"Not flown in the last two warsMilitary trashFuelling in MosulTrash at Republican Guards base, BaghdadNorthern Coalition Forces HQ (Petreus' command at the time)Bomb casing dug out of downed bridge (it was a dud).You see a happy outcome in this picture?Tank