DSCN0488  Threatre Dionysus DSCN0584  Scarab of Mykinos DSCN0585  Said to be the tomb of Agamemnon, Mykinos DSCN0626  Mykinos (showing Grave Circle A)
DSCN0669  Athens from Lykavitos Hill DSCN0674  Acropolis from Lykavitos Hill DSCN0720  Rimondi Fountain, Rethymno, Crete DSCN0744  Beach, Crete
DSCN0751  Flower and Sky DSCN0754  Two Gorgeous Flowers DSCN0783  Arkadhi Monastery, Crete DSCN0784  Arkadhi Monastery, Crete
DSCN0829  Medieval Turkish fort, Imbros Valley, Crete DSCN0859  Where they got the color "Mediterranean Blue" DSCN0925  Ancient Minos (reconstructed): "Labyrinth" DSCN0926  Sarah in Minos : Crete, Sarah
DSCN0961  Ancient Minos (reconstructed) DSCN0990  Ancient Minos (reconstructed) gwenmycenae  A Mycenaen chaise in use Statue  No courtesy to the noble Greek
DSCN0807  Arkadhi Monastery, Crete DSCN0790  Where Cretans committed mass suicide rather than submit to Turks (1866) DSCN0797  The defenders detonated a powder magazine, imolating everyone DSCN0810  Glorious Cretan skies
DSCN0689  Loading our ferry to Crete DSCN0589  Tomb of Agamemnon (AKA Treasury of Atreus) DSCN0603  The Lion Gate into Mykinos DSCN0623  Mykinos
DSCN0647  Kritz at the Lion Gate DSCN0533  Parthenon DSCN0534  Erechtheion, with Caryatids DSCN0890  Samaria Gorge, Crete
DSCN0821  Thistle dscn0896 edited  Gwendi of the Rocks dscn0904 edited  History all over the place DSCN0523  Under construction for the 2004 Olympics?
DSCN0651  Athens Metro (built by Kritz's company) dscn0528 edited  The Parthenon at noon